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 (or if you prefer, Hochzeitsfotograf in München, Deutschland)

Hochzeitsfotograf München, Deutschland, wedding photographer Munich Germany

Wedding Photography Munich, Germany


Hi! If you arrived in this page, we suppose you are looking for a wedding photographer in Munich :)  If so, you definitely ended up in the right page! We are  Melinda & Graziano destination wedding photographers and we are available to cover weddings worldwide. We love our job, we love meeting new people and we love travelling, so you can be sure we will be very happy to be your photographers in your special day! We aim to capture real moments, with a personal creative touch. Our main goal is to build a full wedding story, rich of emotions, complete, unforgettable. To us, being the direct witnesses of great emotions: we are the one in charge to capture those moments, it's a big responsability, and a honour too. We will be very joyful to capture your wedding day.

So, now we are waiting to know something more about you, and we want to offer you the best package that fits to your desire.

Please, fill out the form below, tell us the details of your wedding, and as soon as possible we will send you back our answer.

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Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós bu, fotografo matrimonio, wedding photographer Italy

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Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós, fotografo matrimonio
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
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