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Esther and Kareem - big wedding party in Budapest

After getting officially married in France, they planned a big wedding party for all their family & friends in the heart of Budapest.

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Esther and Kareem - crazy big wedding party in Budapest

Esther is Hungarian and Kareem is Egyptian, but they live in France.

We started the day at the Sofitel Hotel Budapest, where they get ready and we did some family photos too and then we had a nice walk through the city center, where we had a really fun time with the photoshoot.

When they contacted us first, they told us, that they were looking for photographers that would cover most of the party's time. When they told us that the party is the most important part of the day, we still couldn't know how much this was true. What a party- Hungarian- Balkan-Gypsy music by Parno Graszt and after Egyptian party by the DJ ! :) So much fun with Esther & Kareem and their guests. I will not lie if I say that their wedding party was the most craziest fun party where we ever worked.

wedding photographers: Melinda & Graziano from Grazmel Wedding Photography

wedding venue: Manna Lounge & Restaurant

music by Esther's favorite ( ok, one of Melinda's fav. also) music band: Parno Graszt, those who have been to Parno Graszt’s concerts before know how is it, this band have always the greatest party.

flowers and decoration: Rövid Zsuzsi

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