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Fiyona & Akos - Wedding in Gödöllő Castle

Here it is the wonderful and elegant wedding of Fiyona and Akos, held at the beautiful castle of Gödöllő, not far from Budapest.

Akos is Hungarian, that's the reason why they chose this location, but they both live in Australia, so for half of the guests it was a big adventure to attend their wedding in the other side of the world :) this wedding was very unique and engaging for us, since Fiyona's origins are from Tanzania and so she wanted to have also some traditional customs from her motherland, it was very interesting.

So it was a day full of emotions and programs, but the time really flew fast for us, we hope that you also will like our photos!

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Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós, fotografo matrimonio
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
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