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Enic + Miklós // WEDDING in Budapest

Here it is the wedding of Enic and Miklós.

Enic is Venezuelan, Miklós is Hungarian they live in the USA and they decided to celebrate their marriage in Budapest, in the wonderful St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Venezuelan Wedding in Budapest

They are such a lovely couple, so kind and so joyful and funny, so we felt perfectly comfortable with them since the first meeting on Skype, and after they told us that on their party there was going to be the “Hora Loca” (*), we were really keen on shooting their wedding!

To shoot in the Basilica it’s never easy because of the many tourists outside, but the time was perfect and we really could take advantage of a beautiful natural light for the very fast shooting we had just after the ceremony, so even if we had just about 30/40 minutes, we were happy we could take very good and emotional photos.

(*) What’s Hora Loca? It’s a Crazy Hour :) at about Midnight all the guests have been given a lot of masks, coriander, whistles, balloons, hats and colorful necklaces (with the Bride and the Grooms using special decorations just for them), and for one hour everyone went crazy with a lot of music mixed by the DJ about every 60 seconds!

In few words, a big and funny feast! Almost a Carnival :)

But why to turn a wedding party into a Carnival-style party? It’s not the masks and the decorations to make Hora Loca a magic hour, but the fact that in this way all the guests are easily involved and everyone participate having a lot of fun by dancing, singing and making a big chaos! :D

We love parties and we love to go creative with our photos, and this was definitely one of the best party experiences we had! How to say, we were tired but we didn’t feel it, even if the number of photos taken this time was huge!

This south American fashion was so much enjoyed by everyone that some Hungarian guests decided to have it on their upcoming wedding! After this first experience, we really hope to participate to other “Horas Locas” in the future!


Venezuelan Wedding in Budapest

Venezuelan Wedding in Budapest

Venezuelan Wedding in Budapest

Venezuelan Wedding in Budapest