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Wedding in Bellagio, Lake Como

Here it is a selection of the photos taken at the wedding of Claire & Xéver, in the amazing and famous location of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.

They are French, but they chose to get married on lake Como, in Bellagio, because they fell in love with this location and they had been there before several times, so it meant a lot for them and they have many good memories by the lake. Well, can you blame them? :) the place is simply wonderful!

Also the weather was perfect on that day, until the last minutes before the ceremony it looked like the rain would come, but at the end they were lucky, and actually the light through the clouds was really perfect. Everything went perfectly also thanks to the absolutely great professionalism of the hotel's staff, who also decided to try until the last minute to have the ceremony by the lake. Everyone really worked great and the bride and groom could have their unforgettable wedding day!

Enjoy the view!

All the photos ©

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