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M + A / Wedding

Here it is the wedding of Márti & András.

This couple was not only very cool, but they are also very passionate in photography, and since the first meeting with them we realized that working with them it would have been fun.

In fact, the Engagement shooting was already great, shooting around the center of Budapest...and the wedding even more!

We started in the late morning at the beauty salon for Marti's make up, then we travelled to the restaurant, in a cool place outside Budapest surrounded by a lot of green and with a beautiful small lake, perfect for the ceremony.

The weather was perfect, not too hot, with blue sky and beautiful clouds.

The getting ready of the bride and the groom it was in the same room (a big room), personally I like it because it's possible to take unusual moments and funny compositions. There were also a lot of their friends, very sympathetic and crazy people, and there we realized soon that the party was going to be very "interesting".

After having fun in the room, we went for the ceremony…as I said, it was held on the small lake inside the restaurant’s garden, very lovely, with a cool reflection on the water.

Then, the Creative Shooting: intense portraits, playing with light and shadow between the trees, cool reflections on the water, some intimate portraits on a bench, and again some very funny photos with their friends! It was a very “rich” shooting.

And in the end (of course) the party! It was in open air, so with no walls or ceiling where to bounce the light…not the easiest situation, but it’s not a problem: then we can play a lot with our external lights J as we thought, after the dinner almost everyone came outside dancing, and it seemed no one wanted to stop! Everyone was jumping and running, so we needed to do the same :D the result was a huge amount of cool and emotional photos, definitely one of the best party of the season! A lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

Here are the photos, hope you will enjoy too!