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  • Grazmel Wedding Photo


Here it is a collection of our best photos of 2015, our favourites :) Very probably there are many others missing (of course these are from the weddings we've been allowed to publish, unfortunately there are some other great photos we cannot use on the web), but we think here there is a nice collection of the best moments of the year! Not only Creative Sessions, but also real moments, which are the photos that will make the brides and grooms live back their best day still after many and many years! Each photo has something special for us, for emotional, technical or simply funny reasons, we are very proud of our work and some of them has been already awarded in some of the main International Wedding Photography Associations.

Obviously there are many photos from the Creative Sessions, but we believe that the most important part of every service is the full story, so the real moments, and those are often our favourites! Of course, they are not just simple "clicks", the technique is always important to capture those moments perfectly. Also this year we worked in Austria, Italy and Hungary, and with this collection we want to say "Thank You" to all our couples, thank you for making us part of your best day! Being the witnesses of all these emotions is the biggest honour for us! :)