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Silvia + Steven / proposal, pre wedding shooting in Budapest

Silvia and Steven’s shooting was a Proposal and Pre-wedding shooting in the Asian style :)

Steven is a businessman who is always in travel, in this occasion he surprised Silvia organizing this travel to Budapest.

In addition to it, Steven gave to Silvia a wonderful engagement ring (with a biiig diamond :) ) right at the beginning of the shooting, on the Chain Bridge at the dawn, with the warm rising sun as background…simply wonderful!

The shooting was quite long, but we visited many spots in the city, we loved it, so in the end the time literally flew…and we started at 4:30am! :D

The first spot was the Chain Bridge, then we went up to the castle, from there to the Fisherman’s Bastion, then down to the St. István Basilica…here we had a break for a coffee, Silvia changed the dress and then we went to Szabadság Tér, then to the Parliament and finally alongside the Danube…yes, a lot of cool locations!

Silvia and Steven were simply lovely, very kind, and very interested in photography, taking care of the best light too J it was really a pleasure to spend the day with them (and also the previous evening at their hotel, discussing what to do the next day).

That’s one of the many reasons why we love our job:) we meet always new people, many from other countries, so we are discovering always new traditions, lifestyles, mentality…in few words, it’s never boring, and we are very thankful to our clients for that! Dear Silvia and Steven, getting know to each other it was an opportunity to grow our professional background, and an opportunity to meet two beautiful persons like you it’s always a gift! We really thank you for choosing us and we wish you all the best, and we hope to meet you again in the future!

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Thanks for the last minute but professional help with the wedding gowns & suits for Igen Esküvői Ruhaszalon!

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Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós, fotografo matrimonio
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
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