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Wedding in Esztergom - Emese & Gyula

Wedding location: Esztergom

Reception location: Prímás Pince

Photographers: Grazmel Photography

Videomaker: Visio Studio

She is a jewels designer, he is a talented opera singer.

Their wedding was absolutely fun! A lots of jokes, a lot of music, a lot of singing all day long, cool friends, as background the imponent Basilica of Esztergom and the elegant restaurant Prímás Pince...a perfect cocktail for an unforgettable wedding!

PS: as you will see, there is no Creative Session, they expressly ask for a pure documentary service, only real moments, any setting...not a problem, we love to capture just real emotions ;)

Big thanks to Emese & Gyula for making us part of their best day!! We wish you all the best!

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Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós bu, fotografo matrimonio, wedding photographer Italy

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Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós, fotografo matrimonio
Hungary Wedding Photographer, esküvői fotós,  Esküvői fotózás
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