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Wedding in Sirmione, lake Garda

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Here it is the amazing wedding of Jihan and Marco, that took place in the stunning location of the Palace Hotel Villa Cortine, in what is probably the most fascinating town of lake Garda, Sirmione.

Already from the first meeting with them we realized that they were a very cool couple, and we knew that given her Eritrean origins it would have been a very interesting and colorful wedding, and indeed that was it :)

The day was perfect, the lake had a wonderful deep blue color, the ceremony took place with a perfect light, and what's more important all the people were enjoying their time and we are sure we can show it in the following photos :)

The staff was absolutely professional, and they know how to make an unforgettable wedding :) Special thanks also to our friend Matteo Giobini, who recorded an absolutely great video too!

Photos: Grazmel Photography

Video: Matteo Giobini, Wedding Movie

Location: Palace Hotel Villa Cortine

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