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Here it is one of the most challenging weddings of the season, but it's exactly when the things are not going as usual or as planned that we manage probably to really give our best :) and we are really happy with the final result, because we have been able to capture every important detail and a lot of real moments and real emotions, and we think the viewer can really feel it!

It was not the easiest assignment because the plan of the day was not the clearest and we had really to rush in many moments during the whole day, for example for the getting ready we literally had just 5 minutes, but this didn't prevent us to take some great images, some of which has been already awarded in wedding contests.

As we like to repeat, our clients choose us for our dedications to photojournalism style (and in Hungary we can say we are between the very few wedding photojournalists), they want us to be almost invisible and to capture real moments as they are in the reality, and once again here we show what this mean :)

Enjoy the view!

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